Truhlářství Woodarch s.r.o. – replicas and repairs of wooden windows and doors, double frame scuncheon-type windows, wooden doors, fire doors

The joinery was founded in January 2004. From the initial 2 employees the workshop has immediately risen to become one of the recognised and sought-after suppliers with more than 30 skilled employees thanks to its reliability, flexibility and quality. The company runs an apprentice training for the joinery students to satisfy the future demand for skilled workmen.

What we make

Our workshop focused on manufacturing of exact replicas of constructional-joinery items – double frame scuncheon-type windows, entrance and interior doors and their fire versions. Next we specialise in anti noise and thermal insulating windows. We will supply the wooden items with original stained glass, shaped hinges, and brass fittings. We perform the job starting from measuring, pulling down, elaborating of the technical documentation and manufacturing up to installation itself.

Wooden replicas of constructional-joinery items:

  • Double frame scuncheon-type windows
  • Entrance and interior doors
  • Fire windows and doors
  • Anti noise and thermal insulating windows
Selected references
Clementinum, Prague
Revitalization of Clementinum, Prague

We have made the replicas of windows and doors for National Library.
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The Hotel Palace, Prague
The Hotel Palace, Prague

Our company has made and installed the replicas of double frame scuncheon-type windows for the Hotel Palace in Prague.
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The Embassy in the Netherlands, Haag
The Embassy in the Netherlands

Our company has made repairs of windows and doors for the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Haag.
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Charles University, Prague
Charles University, Prague

We have made the replicas of double frame scuncheon-type windows, doors, coffered panelling etc. for Charles University.
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